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Thrill Of Fight Night
Live At Deerfoot Casino!

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July 6, 2024

Deerfoot Inn & Casino, Calgary, AB

Join us for the grand finale of the Champions Rise MMA Camp! After 21 weeks of intense training, our participants are ready to showcase their skills in a spectacular sanctioned MMA event at the Deerfoot Casino. Friends, family, and fight fans are invited to witness this extraordinary night of courage, transformation, and competition.

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Champions Rise

Champions Rise is an intensive 21-week MMA training program designed for everyday people. Participants train five days a week, mastering techniques, building physical fitness, and preparing mentally for their moment in the Octagon.

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-- Derek P.
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Unforgettable Experience! “The confidence and skill I acquired through Champions Rise helped me open up more doors and opportunities for the rest of my life; it’s just something you can’t learn anywhere else.”
-- Bobby P.
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Nice job. I'm happy! "When I first started the program, I doubted my capabilities. Yet, as I delved deeper into the training and techniques, I realized how comprehensive and well-structured they were. My self-belief grew, and I started to say to myself, 'I can do this, for sure!'"
-- Derek M.
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Nice job. I'm happy! "Champions Rise has given me more than just a fitter body; it has reignited a passion within me, fulfilled long-held dreams, and provided me with a community of like-minded individuals who continue to inspire and support me."

Champions Rise

Experience The Thrill Of Fight Night

Live At Deerfoot Casino!